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tv   [untitled]    March 9, 2013 6:00am-6:30am EST

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deadly football stadium riots import sayit paving the way for more unrest in the troubled city in the capital. hugo chavez his confidant is sworn in as venezuela's interim president as world leaders pay their last respects to the late charismatic leader at his state funeral. and a look into how life began russian scientists find and identified bacteria one of antarctica's subglacial legs which may have been isolated for millions of years. international news and comment you are watching live from moscow. protests in egypt have been quick to vent their anger once again after a court said the twenty one death sentences handed out over the football rights
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import side which killed more than seventy people last year will stay in place it's also been announced that five more people have been jailed for life in cairo football fans have torched several buildings including a police officers club our correspondent bell true reports from port site. young port saeed activists wept and held their heads in their hands as the verdict in this contentious. stadium disaster trial was announced people i was sitting with knew some of the twenty one defendants who will be executed the judge said today they were shouting at the t.v. screens what's about the police five people have been given life some police officers also will face jail sentences including the head of security the former head of security here as some sound like he's been given fifteen years however the feeling here is that put saeed is definitely being targeted i spoke to a leader of the ultras here the ultra hardcore football fans. who are very key to
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this whole situation he said to me that the treatment of the portside people is similar to racism residents here feel like they are now in a separate country being targeted by the government and this verdict is proof of doubts so a lot of anger what's going to happen next is that the ultras again these football fans will gather at the stadium where the massacre took place in february last year and stage mass protests they also plan a series of strikes on civil disobedience across the city in the coming weeks and i think right now we're going to probably have quite a lot of violence in the in the afternoon as people really express their anger at this verdict there's been a number of funerals in the last week as these clashes continue between police and anti-government protesters the police have vacated the streets what the government did after they said these clashes happened is they they secured the area with the military who are literally standing behind me the security director has been
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a focal point of the violence for the last five days they also got rid of the security chief of all put sayit and have basically paced the cat of the city in the hands of the minute the army are securing the area expecting third. violence develop as the day goes on so in the moment right now people are reeling with shock from the verdict their tents extremely angry. tweeting from four side where she says her team was forced to stop filming by stone throwing power to protestors be the first to get the updates from the embattled city by following her on twitter bell true. hugo chavez has delegated success and nicolas maduro has taken the reins of power in venezuela until a presidential election is held next month thousands gathered for chavez's state funeral at the military academy in caracas this feelin for marty's video agency
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ruptly was also there is body will remain in state for an extended seven days because of the sheer amount of people people from the barrios the poorest neighborhoods in the cities of the countryside and across the country who want to see him for the very last time but fifty five heads of state from around the world are attending the ceremony of the funeral of chavez cuban leader raul castro showed up last night they're bringing in the they do my research here by the former brazilian president you like this so there's a russian delegation and also the iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad is here he has said that to various is a martyr who lost his life serving the venezuelan people and preserving human and revolutionary values now of course chavez and i didn't jad were very close allies and really the relationship was an example of how chavez used the power of this country which is largely based on its own very large oil reserves to extend solidarity to countries that are targets of. economic interventions and threats of
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military aggression by the united states and i the western powers now there's also very much a sense of anger amongst many people here at suggestions by some senior western political figures and media figures that somehow chavez's death is a cause to celebrate that somehow it's a good thing for the venezuelan people and for the wilds of course the grief very much continues amongst the people here in caracas who have come to see him sections held in approximately thirty days time now of course the outcome of that election is very much unknown but at least amongst the people here that very much determined that maduro must replace chavez with one of the most popular chunks here being with chavez the people are say they feel and what's he got i guess well the opposition in venezuela has boycotted the swearing in ceremony for nicolas maduro calling it a fraud but latin american expert steve ballmer says they still fall short of
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gaining the people's trust. the opposition understands that it will not we know actions just on the basis of the middle class yeah physician has made a difference to them but you'll to work people and the campaign for the presidential elections in october last year the opposition candidate. in the. way nobody spoke to the poor people and that was the main thrust of his campaign is a great amount of distrust among the poor people if copy of no matter what the people he says pretty much that the social programs that were so popular there were so politically successful. will be a big if the opposition return return to power the key to all this is that what do or don't do not have any trouble with the upcoming presidential election is closely
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associated with charles you know when she was left venezuela to go to cuba he called venezuelans and his people who are particular to vote for but who are disappointed or into elected president if the situation came to that the u.n. says it's prepared to pick up a to take increase of twenty one pay scale is from the syrian rebels light on saturday it's the last ace fought has reportedly been brought it could between the militants and syrian government forces in the area so andy has to be evacuated and un official says they match taking precautions to make sure that no more of the stuff in the conflict. the united nations has been in contact with the syrian authorities to secure the release of the peacekeepers arrangements were made with all the authorities involved for their release. team list dispatched to their location but due to the. late hour and the darkness
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they felt that it was not secure enough and so they were not able to reach it but efforts will be made again to do that but the fighting in syria our peace keepers are caught in the crossfire very concerned for them and we are doing everything we can to make sure that they are able to continue working and. conducting their mandate in a peaceful manner to move some of the peacekeepers from a post eight of them out of eighty eight in the area of separation into another area just to make sure that they could be secure while the rebel group holding the peacekeepers has backtracked on earlier claim that it took them as hostage as human shields the change of rhetoric came after the certain two rebel commanders stepped in and pressured the syrian journalist ali mohammed believes radical factions will drag the country into chaos if the west succeeds in helping regime change in syria . countries would like us to believe as
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a goal as this opening of the syrian people we actually know as it goes through this horrible japanese crisis of this is something that we need to understand the syrian people already understand. the locum i am going nobody can quote who we are actions which is a very alarming sign but it is a really important thing here of more of the opposition coalition of the order and demographics you know he comes on here and lies to the public just seem to differ exist and this is not like it's never been just. before the. post if you want you will see. it now and. it is what they use them off the court and this is the person who is supposedly that he's the man i want the man you just you know people have. the won't and you know i mean the countries would like him to be the winter that the syrian people are now up to eight billion twitter paisa
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still would at the u.s. library of congress every day they should be a treasure trove for research is not that they can get their hands on that day week spain why in a few minutes. john kerry made his first major verbal gaffe as secretary of state by mixing the nonexistent country of courage to stand in one of his speeches of course it is funny when politicians misspeak george bush was pretty good at that but i can say that we all make mistakes when we speak trust me it is very easy to butcher the pronunciation of someplace on earth like course to lobola or walla walla washington the thing is that he didn't just misspeak his speech was written correctly and if you look at his eyes as he said it he wasn't really looking at notes or something he's reading it off of a teleprompter right now i am reading off
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a teleprompter but i put every word there myself which is probably why john kerry is spelled with a q but my question is would kerry and prompter mr obama just read anything put in front of them to even really know the realities of the tiriel they're reading in their speeches if you were deeply versed on some subject and you should need to read word for word from the teleprompter to give a speech just try writing some notes and speaking with your brain and maybe your heart like in the good old days but that's just my opinion. mission. critical three months for three. months free. free. free.
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download free blogs to mediocre for your media project a free media party dr tom. hayden grand that could be try seas of life in our planet's most harsh environment at least that's what russian scientists believe they have found in antarctica after digging deep into the sub glacial like all stuck. looked into what they discover it . more than three and a half billion years after life first appeared on earth nature is still springing surprises on those who have spent their lives studying it on thursday russian researchers say they've discovered d.n.a. traces of previously unknown bacteria in the waters of the subglacial a cross-talk the bacteria they think they found does not belong to any existent class it's one of the only living things on earth that's managed to survive in such
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harsh conditions law temperatures no light enormous pressure and a high concentration of oxygen with little nutrients boss talk is a unique and isolated body of water which sits beneath almost four kilometers of ice and is the largest of on top because nearly four hundred known subglacial lakes it's named after russia's only station on the frozen continent in february two thousand and twelve russian researchers became the first in the world to reach the lake after more than two decades of drilling through ice they finally managed to read up forty liters of water that had remained untouched for more than twenty million years to avoid contaminating the lake special technology was developed in st petersburg which meant the people of drill automatically ways drew as soon as it struck water the discovery of russian scientists could provide an incredible insight into our planet's past. elsewhere in the world this hour a taliban suicide bomber has struck the afghan defense ministry building in cobol
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killing at least nine people police say the attacker was riding a bicycle and then detonated his device in the main entrance of the building and another suicide blast and a police officer work will do the checkpoint in the country's east the deadly attacks coincide with the first visit to afghanistan by the new u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel. ratings agency fitch is downgraded its least credit score by a noise to triple b. plus it said the move is a result of the country's political uncertainty following the recent election as well as its rising debt every vote produced no clue. a winner and no stable government is expected in the coming weeks we mark the heart of this leave the vatican the papal conclave and start the formal selection process to fill the vacant position on tuesday is the first time in six hundred years the cardinals have been convened to replace a pope who hasn't died or to have been excused from the vote one for health reasons and the second the head of the scottish catholic church who resigned after
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admitting inappropriate sexual conduct towards priests. the chinese foreign minister says beijing is committed to cooperating with the u.s. in the asian pacific region but yang stressed that washington needs to respect china's interests and concerns on kong city university professor joseph cheney says that while regional tension is on the rise all sides will try to avoid open conflict. china still value was very good relationship with the united states because it understands that this still needs a lot of time he needs a peaceful international environment to concentrate on this modernization and he will continue to work hard to avoid serious conflicts with the united states but since the twenty eighth ten chinese leaders are increasingly increasingly worried about american even when all of them and indeed the territorial dispute in the asia
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pacific region name need to do you tie island is filled with japan and the time the dispute of the countries and china is concerned that he returned to asia strategy on the part of the obama administration coincides very well with the hedging strategy on the part of these asian countries i think wow there will be a lot of postering there will be considerable escalation of tension but all countries concerned do not want a military conflict and they carefully to avoid incidents of military conflicts but. certainly if your continued to enhance tension concerning the military concerning the territorial disputes let me update you on our top story in the rising tensions in egypt football hooligans in cairo these are live pictures by the way of several buildings including a police offices club it's after
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a court upheld twenty one death sentences over the football riots in port saïd which killed more than seventy people last year in violence sparked by the bitter rivalry between the two cities fans security forces are blocking all roads leading to that is square in the capital to prevent more violence we will of course update you on the latest news as it develops. there's a shadow of apartheid in israel palestinians commuting from the west bank an hour to board special buses they were launched this week by the transport ministry after some jewish settlers feared their safety was at risk as well as the racist overtones paul islay reports on how the roots of the problem go deeper. on the first of december one nine hundred fifty five a black woman by the name of rosa parks made history by refusing to give up her seat in the so-called colored six in of
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a crowded bus in montgomery alabama that incident became a formative event in the u.s. civil rights movement and again this week israelis and palestinians are remembering that incident as the transport ministry introduces segregated bus lines in other words bus services only for kind of stimulus coming in and out of the west bank the move has created the most of reaction both for and against it both inside and outside of israel the israeli transport ministry justifies it by saying that the move is an attempt to alleviate the distress of palestinian passengers having to travel for long hours in and out of israel but the truth is that behind the scenes there was a lot of noise being made by israeli settlers who refused to travel with palestinian passengers they say because they're afraid now newspaper editorials have had a field day with criticisms that israel is acting in line with apostate that this smacks of racism and it echoes of the segregation policies back in the united states decades ago the palestinian passengers on this bus saved leaves
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a bad taste in their mouths but the irony is that it cuts they travel time as they no longer have to travel through the settlements the ticket is a lot cheaper and the whole travel journey is a lot less stressful seven ages very hard to live with this you can call it a racist action or whatever but it makes it even more impossible for both sides to understand one another. we're supposed to be working in a civilized country but they're separate not at all i feel like israeli people look at as a second class are not equal to the. little bit with me. i feel very bad it is not acceptable at all but in the end of the strong side decides what happens when we have to deal with this reality but the segregation here runs much deeper than just separate bus services we're talking different about. legal systems phase way to palestinians we're talking about a different allocation of resources and preferential treatment to name just a few. on the way from qalqilya. russian microsatellite
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the wreckage of a decommissioned chinese satellite that had been floating around since two thousand and seven there is an abundance of space debris there and even an object the size of a key can cause serious damage with this is thomas he is the man to consult and so . should we be worried well you know think of it this way we've been shooting things up in space for more than fifty years now so there's thousands of objects flying around a thousand miles per hour if they hit anything it can do some serious damage let me talk about this specific event and then talk about the bigger picture this particular incident talked about space junk from this chinese satellite that was destroyed in two thousand and seven and then it hit a russian blitz satellite now this happened on january twenty second but it took a while to figure out exactly what happened because scientists discovered that there was a change in the trajectory of change in the orbit of the russian satellite there like what could have caused this and then they had to work backwards to try and
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figure out when this incident happened and then when they found that they discovered that there was a near miss of these two and then when they decided that this couldn't have been an actual miss that it was an actual collision now if you look at the bigger picture there's about nineteen thousand pieces of space debris that are larger than ten centimeters that are being tracked by the world community right now why because well we shoot things into space we don't want them to come into contact with our satellites that are millions and millions of dollars worth of basically a commodity if you will and so they're being tracked but there's also more than three hundred thousand smaller pieces less than one centimeter just floating around out there as well thousands of miles per hour so what happens is that these little pieces of debris cause course. corrections and caused the space station and our satellites to have to maneuver and change how they do things and that costs people on earth millions of dollars each year also it puts our astronauts in jeopardy as
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well we've had many instances recently more and more becoming frequently where the astronauts basically have to hide in the ferry of the stories capsule to avoid a piece of space junk that is coming closer to the international space station so there's actually something called the kessler syndrome as well where it's a critical mass if you will so much space junk so much space debris out there that we won't be able to even send anything into space anymore and there's some debate as to whether we've hit that critical mass or not but as we put more stuff out there more junk is created and it becomes more expensive and harder to actually put things up in space so what can we do what can we do one thing the european union is considering is having a more broad. tracking system if you will they have a special telescope that is designed down in australia that actually tracks these pieces of debris so we can keep track of the bigger pieces which you know i mean they can be anything from ten centimeters to maybe the size of
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a football or even larger or but these even these small like tiny pieces less than a centimeter can do significant damage so with the smaller pieces not much you can do. maybe some future technology that we can develop to try and collect it all but who knows at this point i'm all we can do is track what we can and hope for the best for the meantime sounds like they're the problem is still there and we can expect certain situations like that citation thank you very much. my twitter is one of the fastest ways to share your thoughts on line and could prove a huge resource for the future generations to study the sites you create for the massive archive of blogs to be still would at the u.s. library of congress for research purposes but two years on and it's still in the accessible this is full speed finding. it's part of the social media landscape that has revolutionized the way we communicate. twitter allows users to broadcast their thoughts one hundred forty characters at
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a time. from the very first tweet to declaring historic presidential victories to the downright dumb all of it has been stored at the library of congress well the popularity of smartphones and i pads users can tweet pretty much anywhere at any time and the library of congress is taking note of the way people are communicating and expressing themselves along with journals and other publications social media is being stored as a part of history it began in two thousand and ten when twitter agreed to hand over to the library every tweet since the social media site launched and the tweets keep being stored with an estimated half a billion tweets per day it's a massive undertaking basically taking this body of information about the culture of this country and putting it into some kind of storage well we're talking about one hundred fifty. well now that the library has collected this massive archive
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it's not clear what they're going to do with it how do you search that how do you how do you how do you catalog that and split it into searchable pieces of content and they haven't been able to figure that out yet. the libraries blog says quote although the library has been building and stabilizing the archive and has not yet offered researchers access we have nevertheless received approximately four hundred inquiries from researchers all over the world so far the library tells us the goal is for researchers to have access to the database not the general public and we asked are there any limits to what information the library can distribute the library tells us they've set a few no tweets newer than six months old will be handed over to researchers and the tweets can. be used for commercial purposes and researchers can make a big chunk of tweets available for downloading on their website still questions remain if you delete a tweet does the library still store it and how easily can law enforcement obtain
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your tweets if people are worried about privacy i'm pretty sure the n.s.a. and homeland security has already coped through a lot of that stuff so perhaps the take away as they think before you tweet because it's going to be stored right here at the library of congress and washington liz wall r.t. . are you watching all this because abbi mohsin is on the way in a few minutes but another hard hitting breaking said. his power was the envy of ambrose. he had good reason to trust no one. his body was found on the floor of his huge empty house. but did he die of natural causes. the mystery of stalin's day want to see.
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to live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how fabulous bad luck i don't get any i mean i have my hands at the time and i believe that i'm seeing really messed up. in the old story so personally apologize it's. worse
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for the little thing the white house or the. radio guy and four minutes from the. i want to watch what we're about to give you the number three the anything like that i'm telling. you. what's going on guys i'm abby martin in the spring and sex well if you've flown at all since nine eleven and you probably know that the airport experience is essentially hell on earth first it was our shoes then it was the liquids hell even bands snow globes after twelve years of harassment and dehumanizing screening methods all to protect us from the big bad terrorists guess what now we're being told that we can start bringing a knife on the plane that's right starting april twenty fifth of this year will be
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allowed to carry the knives you see here in addition to clubs and bats i guess they just realize that with these items banned were no safer than we were before and don't even get me started on the radioactive naked body scanners that presented us with more danger than safety in two thousand and ten scientists determined that airport scanners are just as likely to kill you via cancer as a terrorist low enough airplane. but perhaps it's even more absurd than this is another recent t.s.a. announcement that has come out in the wake of the sequestration despite concerns that in the budget cuts will result in the furloughs firm floyds agency officials just signed on a contract for fifth. million dollars worth of new uniforms yep fifty million dollars has billions in federal cuts threaten to affect thousands of employee jobs so what's the moral of the story here well it's no new tale the t.s.a. is a completely useless agency with that eighty million dollar annual budget create a.


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